20.07.2020 Proteome activity landscapes of tumor cell lines determine drug responses

Explore global, steady-state proteomics and phosphoproteomics data for 125 cell lines using the ATLANTiC web application at![more]

13.04.2020 New publication in Nature Methods: Meltome Atlas - thermal proteome stability across the tree of life

Temperature influences the physiology of all living matter. Some organisms live in cold environments, most eukaryotes die when their inner temperature increases above 42 °C, but some species can survive even in hot springs. As...[more]

11.03.2020 Arabidopsis-Atlas for the global scientific community

First comprehensive map of the proteome of the model plant Arabidopsis thaliana [more]

09.02.2020 CLINSPECT-M: Clinical mass spectrometry center for molecular brain research

Major project for Munich neurosciences In a joint large-scale project, Munich scientists from proteomics, computer science and medicine investigate the causes of disorders of the central nervous system, how they can be...[more]

08.01.2020 ProteomicsDB: a multi-omics and multi-organism resource for life science research

ProteomicsDB ( started as a protein-centric in-memory database for the exploration of large collections of quantitative mass spectrometry-based proteomics data. The data types and contents grew over...[more]

27.05.2019 Prosit: Proteome-wide prediction of peptide tandem mass spectra by deep learning

Prosit ( is a deep learning framework that offers free and easy generation of custom in-silico spectral libraries using very high quality predicted HCD MS2 spectra for any organism and...[more]

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